More and more people are opting for underfloor heating because of the numerous benefits it has to offer. But deciding to have underfloor heating doesn’t stop there; you need to decide what type of underfloor heating is right for your home as well as which installation company you will use.

Well, you’re in the right place because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about underfloor heating, including how it’s installed, who to choose to install your underfloor heating system and the different types.

What is the purpose of underfloor heating?

The main purpose of underfloor heating is to provide an efficient, comfortable and luxurious way to heat indoor spaces. Underfloor heating can be zones, just as regular heating, so one room can be heated and another room switched off. But, why do people choose underfloor heating when standard heating has the same function? Here are a few reasons why having underfloor heating as an additional method of heating your home is a great idea:

  • Even heat distribution– heat radiates from the ground upwards and distributes evenly throughout the space, whereas traditional central heating often creates hot and cold spots. 
  • Energy efficiency– underfloor heating is often more efficient than traditional heating because it usually uses lower temperatures. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing– underfloor heating is hidden underneath the floor, unseen, therefore it doesn’t take up space or create an eye sore. It is a sleek and clean way of heating your home and is more aesthetically pleasing than having bulky radiators on show. It also operates virtually in silence. 
  • Quick response– underfloor heating cools relatively quickly and heats up just as quickly. 
  • Longevity– underfloor heating, when installed by a reputable underfloor heating installation company, is known for being durable, reliable and efficient and has a longer lifespan than other forms of heating.

These benefits of having underfloor heating will vary depending on the type of system you choose. For example, warm water underfloor heating systems are more energy efficient and offer long-lasting heat than electric systems but don’t heat up as quickly and aren’t as easy to zone. Find out more about the different types of underfloor heating below. 

What types of underfloor heating are there?


There are two main types of underfloor heating to choose from, including warm water underfloor heating and electric or dry underfloor heating. Each type has its characteristics and advantages so it comes down to personal preference, budget, your home and what your requirements are. 

Warm water underfloor heating 

This method of underfloor heating uses a network of pipes to circulate hot water underneath the floor. This type of underfloor heating is typically more costly and complex than electric or dry underfloor heating because it involves intricately connecting every pipe and then to a boiler or heat source. 

Warm water underfloor heating can use a variety of heat sources from gas and oil boilers to heat or solar heat pumps and renewable energy sources, making it very versatile. This type of underfloor heating is typically more energy-efficient than electric underfloor heating as the water has high heat retention, meaning the warmth in the pipes lasts a long time, even after the heating is turned off. 

Dry/electric underfloor heating 

Rather than using interconnecting pipes, electric underfloor heating consists of electrical cables or heating mats beneath the floor, which generate heat with an electric current flowing through them. These systems are usually earlier and less expensive than warm water underfloor heating. 

Electric underfloor heating systems tend to have a much faster response time than warm water underfloor heating as the electricity heats almost instantly, whereas the water needs time to heat. It is far easier to zone sections of the house with electric underfloor heating as it’s simpler to control the electricity flow to certain areas than it is to stop the distribution of heat through water pipes. 

How to choose the right underfloor heating system for your home 

Deciding to get underfloor heating doesn’t stop there, you also need to decide on which type of underfloor heating system is best for your home. This will come down to several factors, budget, personal preference and your home. Consider the cost of running both types of underfloor heating systems as well as installation costs. 

First, you need to decide if you want a hot water underfloor heating system or an electric underfloor heating system, based on the principles above. Consider your budget, energy efficiency and what you want to get out of your underfloor heating system. 

Then, decide which room or rooms you want underfloor heating installed. Some people choose to have underfloor heating in one some areas of the house, whilst others use it throughout the whole house and use this heating system rather than a traditional central heating system. Deciding how much underfloor heating you would like will help you to decide which type of system to choose, based on your budget. 

Talk to your underfloor heating installation team for more details about how your specific product will be installed as this can vary depending on the situation, type of system and what you already have at home. 

Finding an underfloor heating installation company


To ensure you have good quality, reliable underfloor heating you must make sure you choose a reputable, experienced installation company, and this is where we come in! At NJT Plumbing & Heating, we are a reliable, professional and friendly company of experienced engineers, qualified to install, repair and service underfloor heating systems. 

We believe in offering our customers the best service possible, which is why our engineers attend courses regularly to keep up to date with the latest technology and regulations. No job is too big or too small for us, so contact us whether it’s for a large-scale underfloor heating installation or a service on your existing system. 

We are qualified and experienced to work on: 

  • Wavin-Osma
  • Polyplumb
  • Rehab
  • Continental
  • Nuheat
  • Timoleon. 

The process of installing underfloor heating 

The process of installing underfloor heating varies slightly depending on the type of system you choose, but here are some general steps that are carried out during an underfloor heating installation. 

  • Professional installers will be able to conduct heat loss calculations which will enable them to design a suitable and effective underfloor heating system for you. 
  • Next, your installer will make sure the subfloor is prepped, and clean, and any imperfections ironed out as this can impact the efficiency of the underfloor heating. 
  • An insulation layer will be installed to direct the heat upwards. 
  • The electric cables, heating mats or pipes will be laid out in the correct positions, secured and connected. 
  • The underfloor heating will be covered with suitable flooring to hide it away. Popular choices include tiles, wood or laminate flooring. 

NJT Plumbing & Heating 

If you’re considering getting underfloor heating then look no further than NJT Plumbing & Heating to install your new system. We offer a professional, efficient and personalised service to make sure you get the underfloor heating system you really want. 

To give you an idea of our prices, here are some examples. Usually, with an underfloor heating installation, you will need to contact us directly for an accurate quote. In the meantime, have a look at our fantastic testimonials to see what some of our customers have said about us and browse through our gallery to see some of our completed work. 

To conclude, underfloor heating comes with numerous benefits from evenly distributing heat, energy efficiency, longevity and the different choices available to you. The main thing you need to decide on is whether you would like a hot water underfloor heating system or an electric underfloor system and this will depend on your needs, requirements, your home and your budget. 

Ensure you choose a reputable and experienced underfloor heating installation company, like NJT Plumbing & Heating, to get the most out of your system.